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DLP ™ Aortic Root Cannulae anterior left ventricle . Aortic root pressure monitoring and left heart venting. All DLP aortic root cannulae can be used to aspirate emboli as well as to administer cardioplegia. RETROGRADE CANNULAE Retrograde cannulae are designed to deliver cardioplegia solution to the heart via the coronary sinus in the reverse direction of normal blood flow (retrograde perfusion). These cannulae are offered in either auto inflating or manual inflating cuff models.

A left ventricle–venting cannula was inserted via the right upper pulmonary vein, and a retrograde cardioplegia (RCP) cannula (Retrograde Cardioplegia Catheter 14F × 27 cm; Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, California) was inserted via the right atrium by the blind technique.

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Typically, blood is drained by gravity via cannulas in the superior and inferior vena cavae (SVC, IVC) or IVC and right atrium (RA) (cavoatrial position) to the heart–lung machine where it is pumped (with a roller or centrifugal pump) through the artificial lung (most often a membrane-type “oxygenator”) back into the systemic vasculature via an arterial cannula placed in the ascending aorta. Cardioplegia Cannula Selection & Guidelines..12 Aortic Root Cardioplegia Cannula Selection Guidelines..12 Coronary Ostium Cardioplegia Cannula Selection Guidelines..12 Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula Selection Coronary sinus injury is a rare but critical complication of retrograde cardioplegia.

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Cardioplegia cannula

A Right atrial wall was incised under circulatory arrest, and a purse-string stitch was placed around the coronary sinus. Catheter, cannula and tubing, vascular, cardiopulmonary bypass - Product Code DWF: Product: Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula, Model Number RMG-0015S The Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula is intended for use in perfusing cardioplegia solutions retrograde through the coronary sinus by means of transatrial introduction. Code Information: Lot code In a very elegant study w2x, Farge and associates were able to document at angiography that steal of cardioplegia through the PDV occurs, when a single balloon cannula is employed for retrograde cardioplegia delivery, and that this results in a poor opacification of the inferior part of the interventricular septum, and in reduced myocardial enhancement within the septum at electron beam Using the cardioplegia cannula as a guiding sheath, a 6-French bipolar LV pacing lead (Medtronic Attain 4194) with a stylet was inserted into the cardioplegia cannula and advanced into the CS. The LV lead was con-nected to the biventricular pacemaker, programmed at DDD 90 and an atrioventricular delay of 150 msec. Without lifting the heart, the 2015-01-30 A retrograde cardioplegia cannula is inserted into the coronary sinus and an antegrade cannula is placed in the ascending aorta. Appropriate connections are made with the tubing from the CPB and the patient is then placed “on bypass” and usually cooled (actively or passively) using systemic hypothermia (cooling the entire body) while cardioplegia is being prepared. Antegrade cannulae are designed to deliver cardioplegia solution to the heart via the coronary ostia in the normal direction of blood flow (antegrade perfusion).

Cardioplegia cannula

In these procedures, a standard cannula is difficult to insert, as it involves a risk of myocardial abrasion. Intraoperative biventricular pacing with a left ventricular pacing lead inserted via the coronary sinus cardioplegia cannula is feasible, using standard instrumentation and without requiring cardiac manipulation.
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cardioplegia. Exempel tillhandahålls automatiskt genom att skrapa externa webbplatser. De erbjuds för att användare ska kunna se hur man  This book provides guidance on the use of an extensive range of cardiac instruments from sterna saw to cardioplegia cannula. The book is divided into sixteen  Solution for cardioplegia. Liuos sydämenpysäytystä Brush applicator.

5. [42] Manufactured by Surge Cardiovascular, Grand Rapids, MI. Distributed by Terumo Cardiovascular, Ann Arbor, MI. Contact us today for clinical or sales support.
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(Research Medical, Inc., Midvale, Utah). 4-9 The cardioplegic solution was not cooled  Normally a single two-stage cannula is used (drains blood from the RA and the IVC), Note that roller pumps are still sometimes used for cardioplegia and/or  As contraction of heart started the multiport limb attached to cardioplegia cannula was off and cross clamp was removed .The warm perfusion through the vein  To deliver retrograde cardioplegia into the coronary sinus.

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[42] Manufactured by Surge Cardiovascular, Grand Rapids, MI. Distributed by Terumo Cardiovascular, Ann Arbor, MI. [63] Made to order. 2021-01-31 · Cardioplegia cannula is needed to deliver infusion during cardiac surgery.

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KARDIOPLEGIEKANÜLE. These sheets are designed for you to keep track of your different surgeon's cannula, cardioplegia, and vent preferences.